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      DH-Budenberg deadweight testers also referred to as pressure balances are primary pressure standards. This means that they measure pressure directly by applying a force over an area. The force comes from precisely machined masses that are stacked on a precision piston that has a specific cross sectional area. The piston rotates within a cylinder and floats atop a hydraulic (oil) or pneumatic (air) fluid under pressure. This generates a stable pressure that can be applied to a pressure device being tested.

      Deadweight testers are appropriate for use when there is a need to calibrate a wide range of pressure devices. Because the accuracy is a percent of reading, a skilled operator can use a deadweight tester to calibrate a wide range of pressure devices. DH-Budenberg deadweight testers can have an uncertainty as low as 0.008% of reading. The measurement is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

      Deadweight testers do not require a power source which makes them a good choice for remote operation. Dead weight testers are used as pressure standards in pressure calibration labs, test facilities, and field calibration.

      DH Budenberg Product Offering

      DH Budenberg CPB3800 Deadweight Tester

      CPB3800 Deadweight Tester

      DH Budenberg CPB5000 Deadweight Tester

      CPB5000 Deadweight Tester

      DH Budenberg CPP1200-X Hydraulic Comparison Test Pump

      CPP1200-X Hydraulic Comparison Test Pump

      DH Budenberg CPB5600DP Differential Deadweight Tester

      CPB5600DP Differential Deadweight Tester

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