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      Distribution Sales

      Over 50 top physical measurement, control & calibration products

      FLW, Inc. is one of the most respected distributors of industrial instrumentation and controls in the western United States. For over forty-five years, FLW has developed a strong, reputable regional sales presence with offices in three states while developing a global presence through e-commerce. We offer:

      • Stocking warehouses located in California and Colorado
      • Product specialists supporting
      • Local territory sales engineers providing onsite assistance & support with applications
      • Ship product all around the world

      Products Represented by FLW

      In addition to being a stocking distributor, FLW also represents over 20 different manufacturers and products.

      AI-Tek Instruments
      Automatic Timing & Controls
      Barksdale Control Products
      Bellofram Precision Regulators
      ChemTec chemtec logo
      chemtec product group
      Desgranges & Huot desgranges-huot logo
      desgranges & huot product group
      DH Budenberg dh budenberg logo
      dh budenberg product group
      Dragon Valves dragon valves logo
      dragon valves product group
      Dwyer dwyer logo
      dwyer product group
      GO Switch go switch logo
      go switch product group
      GPI Flomec great plains flomec logo
      great plains flomec product group
      Haskel haskel logo
      haskel product group
      Hylok hylok logo
      hylok product group
      International Power international power logo
      international power product group
      KEP kep logo
      kep product group
      Kobold Instruments kobold logo
      kobold product group
      Laurel Electronics laurel electronics logo
      laurel product group
      Mensor mensor logo
      mensor product group
      Meriam meriam logo
      meriam product group
      M-System m-system logo
      m-system product group
      Niagara Meters niagara meters logo
      niagara meters product group
      Partlow partlow logo
      partlow product group
      Pyromation pyromation logo
      pyromation product group
      RKC Instruments rkc logo
      rkc product group
      TSI Instruments tsi alnor logo
      tsi alnor product group
      West Control Solutions west control solutions logo
      west controls product group
      WIKA Instruments wika logo
      wika product group
      Wallace & Tiernan wika high precision logo
      wika high precision product group

      Contact FLW For More Info

      Looking for a quote? Need application assistance? Send us message! We're happy to help.

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