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        In Stock & Ready To Ship

        Haskel's Largest Stocking Distributor In Western US

        Pumps & Boosters


           Parts & Accessories


      FLW, Inc. is a proud distributor of Haskel product for over 30 years. We are Haskel's LARGEST stocking distributor in the Western United States with stock of common pumps, boosters, amplifiers, parts & accessories.

      Haskel is a recognized leader in high pressure technology, manufacturing high pressure air driven liquid pumps, gas boosters, air amplifiers, systems and accessory equipment.

      Haskel International Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic driven, high pressure systems and accessories. For over 60 years, Haskel has manufactured a wide range of high pressure air driven liquid pumps, gas boosters, air amplifiers, systems and accessory equipment.

      Please contact FLW, Inc for application or commercial assistance for any Haskel product. The use of Haskel air amplifiers, air or gas boosters, liquid pumps or other high pressure systems can be dangerous if not applied properly. Please do not use these products without assurance that they are correct for your application. High pressure valves and fittings are also available.

      Air Pressure Amplifiers

      AA Series
      Single-acting, single-stage

      Haskel AA Series

      AAD Series
      Double-acting, single-stage

      Haskel AAD Series

      AAT Series

      Haskel AAT Series

      HAA31 Series
      Single-acting, single-stage

      Haskel HAA31 Series

      Gas Boosters

      Hydraulic Driven
      Pressures up to 16000 PSI

      Haskel HG Series

      Pneumatic Driven
      Pressures up to 39000 PSI

      Haskel AG Series

      Pneumatic Pumps

      Liquid Pumps
      Reliable, compact, robust

      Haskel Liquid Pumps

      Refrigerant Pumps
      Recovery or recharge

      Haskel Refrigerant Pumps

      Additional Services

      Pump Systems
      Standard or custom built designs

      Haskel Pump Systems

      Repair & Service
      Authorized Haskel repair facility

      Haskel Pump Systems

      Parts & Accessories
      Valves, switches, filters

      Haskel Accessories
      Haskel Liquid Pump

      We're happy to help.

      We can help size an amplifier, rebuild a pump, or engineer a custom pressure system.

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