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      For over 25 years, FLW, Inc. has been a proud stocking distributor of Partlow Instruments providing a line of temperature controllers, temperature recorders & accessories including recorder charts & pens.

      Partlow recorders and controllers are ubiquitous in the manufacturing industry. They have been a leader in instrumentation design and manufacture with products that include indicators, controllers, setpoint programmers and recorders which handle process variables such as temperature, pressure, level and flow.

      Please contact FLW, Inc for application or commercial assistance for any Partlow product.

      Chart Recorders

      Partlow Electronic Recorders

      Partlow MRC5000 Recorder

      Partlow Mechanical Recorders

      Partlow RFT Recorder


      Partlow Electronic Controllers
      132 DIN, 116 DIN, 18 DIN, 14 DIN

      Partlow MIC2000 Controller

      Partlow Mechanical Controllers

      Partlow MIC2000 Controller


      Partlow Circular Charts

      Partlow Circular Chart

      Partlow Replacement Recorder Pens

      Partlow Replacement Recorder Pens
      Partlow MRC 7000 Chart Recorder

      We're happy to help.

      We are temperature control specialists. FLW, Inc. has proudly distributed Partlow recorders and controllers for over 25 years and can assist with your application or help find the right product.

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