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      Partlow Mechanical Controllers

      The Partlow controllers are widely used in industrial process and automation industries. Partlow produces self operating, indicating mechanical temperature controllers that require no operating power. These are used for heating, cooling or heat-cool operations, and are on-off controllers, available with one or two switches. The proportional units are used to provide time proportioning outputs with position proportioning motors, pneumatic devices etc. Some controllers have dual set points for alarming or auxiliary heating.

      The mechanical, non-indicating, temperature controllers are self-operating, on-off controllers for use in a wide variety of applications. They provide simple control and require no operating power.

      Partlow MF79
      Indicating Switch Controller

      Partlow MF79 Controller

      Partlow LF15-79
      Indicating Dual Switch Controller

      Partlow LF15-79 Controller

      Partlow LFB73-73
      Indicating Switch Controller

      Partlow LFB73-73 Controller

      Partlow LFP
      Indicating Potentiometric Controller

      Partlow LFP Controller

      Partlow LFA
      Indication Pneumatic Control

      Partlow LFA Controller

      Partlow LFV4
      Explosion-Proof Single Switch Indicating Temperature Controller

      Partlow LFV4 Controller

      Partlow LFHL
      Explosion-Proof Single Switch Indicating Temperature Controller

      Partlow LFHL Controller

      Partlow LFE18
      Impulse Type Modulating Switch Controller

      Partlow LFE18 Controller

      Partlow N79-79
      Two Switch Non-Indicating Temperature Controller

      Partlow N79-79 Controller

      Partlow ZF79
      Non-Indicating Temperature Controller

      Partlow ZF79 Controller
      Partlow MRC 7000 Chart Recorder

      We're happy to help.

      We are temperature control specialists. FLW, Inc. has proudly distributed Partlow recorders and controllers for over 25 years and can assist with your application or help find the right product.

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