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      Engineered Systems

      Standard & custom built liquid, gas & flow systems

      FLW can engineer and custom build portable to large PLC control systems for a wide range of industries and applications.

      • Portable pressure test packs
      • Pressure, proof, leak, burst, fatigue testing of hydraulic, gas, refrigerant, automotive hose and rigid pipes
      • Pressure and functional testing of valves
      • Volumetric stretch testing of gas containers
      • Helium leak detection of refrigerant and air conditioning equipment
      • Oxygen transfer and pressurization of accumulators
      • CFC refrigerant and Halon fire extinguishing substance recovery and charging
      • SF6 recovery and reclaim from circuit breakers
      • Chemical injection, metering and dosing pumps and packaged system

      Engineered To Your Specification

      FLW designs and builds standard & custom pressure systems for your application.

      Standard and Custom Systems

      Manually operated or fully automated test stands, stations, flow & pressure systems

      Standard Engineered Systems

      Custom Engineered Systems

      FLW Systems Facility

      • 5000 sq ft shop floor
      • Individual cells for system assembly and modification
      • Weld and metal/tube bend cells
      • Pump & booster repair benches
      • Pressure gauge & diaphragm assembly station

      FLW Systems Facility
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