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      TSI Alnor Instruments

      FLW, Inc. is a proud distributor of TSI Instruments product for over 20 years. We are TSI Alnor's LARGEST stocking distributor in the United States with stock of common balometers, velometers, anemometers, & more.

      TSI manufactures high-quality Alnor® air velocity equipment. The Alnor brand of handheld instruments is widely used by HVAC contractors, facility personnel, building engineers, safety officers and industrial hygienists worldwide.

      As a well known brand with years of experience to back it up, Alnor has earned a reputation for quality devices. TSI acquired the Alnor Instrument Company in 1995 and continues to uphold high industry standards of reliability and durability

      Please contact FLW, Inc for application or commercial assistance for any TSI Alnor product.

      Balometer Capture Hoods

      ABT Balometers

      alnor tsi abt701 standard balometer capture hood


      ABT701, ABT703, ABT711, ABT713

      EBT Balometers

      alnor tsi ebt731 balometer capture hood



      LoFlo Balometers

      alnor tsi 6200 loflo balometer


      6200, 6200D, 6200F, 6200E

      Velometer / Air Velocity Meters

      Thermal Anemometers

      alnor tsi avm440 velometer thermal anemometer

      Rotating Vane Anemometers

      alnor tsi rva801 rotating vane anemometer


      RVA801, RVA501

      Velometer Anemometers

      alnor tsi 8100-8 velometer jr


      8100-8, 8100-16, 8100-25

      Installed Instruments

      Air Velocity Transducers

      alnor tsi 8455-03 air velocity transducer


      8455, 8465, 8475

      AirGard Air Flow Monitors

      alnor tsi airgard air flow monitor 315 bsc


      315-BSC, 350-CEM

      AirGard Lab Hood Monitors

      alnor tsi airgard fume monitor 335-d


      335-D, 200-AG, 405-D

      Air & Water Pressure Instruments


      alnor tsi axd620 micromanometer


      AXD620, AXD610

      Hydronic Manometers

      alnor tsi hm675 hydronic manometer


      HM675, HM685

      Indoor Air Quality Instruments

      Indoor Air Quality Meters

      alnor tsi 7545 iaq air quality meter


      7545, 7525, 7515
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